Wings of Fire

Publication / Print

Climate change is a huge issue although very few people fully understand it or do much about.

Not only is climate change affecting millions and even billions of lives, it also seems like people don’t even consider climate change to be as serious as some scientists indicate. This is especially the case in my country, Indonesia. Known to the world for its leisure, heritage and travelling destination, unfortunately Indonesia is also one of the world’s largest deforesters.

Deforestation involves slashing forests, burning logs and clearing lands, which not only is a problem for climate change but also heavily affects air quality, health, pollution and even politics. Moreover, it doesn’t look like Indonesia is going anywhere if the citizens stay ignorant or uninformed about what’s happening, which is why this book has been created.
Wings of Fire is like ‘shock therapy’ for Indonesian readers as well as a confession to those who read it in general. When first touched, the book cover will leave a mark due the use of thermochromic ink, making it more personal and engaging for the reader. When opened, the type looks like its shouting at the urgent matter to the reader and informing the readers in other parts. Contrasts and 2 main colors are used for imagery using red and green to depict fire and nature, and how chaos would look compared next to tranquility thus underlining how important it is that we know of these things happening in the country. Printed clean and sleek the inside book is proposing there is more emergency than what meets the eye.
The hope is that the book will leave an impression of urgency on readers who can empathize, and potentially affect a small change in their behaviour to reduce their carbon footprint.